Words for Students

Wherever you are, whatever you do, Do it with your full strength. This is great success.

Therefore, what you are doing NOW, Creates

A Compelling Future.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ACTION

To All Principals and Teachers.

It is hard for Students to read a book of instructions and to follow.

Even worse they forget Long Instructions..

It is easier to remember Single Word.

The Principal will say the word of the week and give a brief explanation to the teachers first.

In the Beginning of each Period, the teachers will Proclaim the word of the week and ask the Students to repeat.

He will give a brief explanation.

At the end of the period the teacher will ask the students to repeat the word of the week.

The teacher will then give his class instructions.


First an exercise for the children. Please speak to them like this.

Please stand up.

Hands up. Hands sideways. Hands up again. Bend down and try to touch your toes.

Stand up.

Do you understand what has happened just now.

The words I spoke travelled through the air first entered through your ear and entered into your brain. (Were you reading these words, it would enter the brain through the eyes of course.

Everyday, from waking up to going to bed at night, we are hearing words from Radio, Social Networks, your Brothers and Sisters, Father, Mother, Teachers, Friends, Internet, TV.

Everyday from morning until you sleep, you hear a lot of words.

These words you hear affect your life.

Ralph Waldo Emerson says the Famous Words:

Sow a Thought (A Word) and you reap an Action;

Sow an Act and you reap a Habit;

Sow a Habit and you reap a Character;

Sow a Character and you reap a Destiny.

What are the words you are using Everyday?

Using the Right Words will make you Great.

Every week you will hear a word think and act.


This is the Most Important Word.

As Children we must be Obedience to Parents, Teachers FIRST.

When it come to OTHERS you Just Say to them that you will check with your Parents or Teachers FIRST.

If what they say is good for you then they will say OK

If they say don’t or don’t tell your PARENTS, don’t tell your Teacher then you don’t obey them but RUN away from them.

And inform your parents or teacher anyway.

As Adults there are many LAWS that need you Attention and Obedience.

As this is Important, I give a BIG LIST of Laws, when you Obey you will have, Healthy, Successful, Peaceful, Spiritual, Joyful, Abundant Life with Enough Finance and Bread to even Give to the needy Making you A Blessing to Many. These Laws are – Some are Big and Some have huge Impact in your Lives:

  • Habits
  • Success
  • Learning
  • Discipline
  • Self Control
  • Food
  • Reading
  • Friends
  • Health
  • Exercise
  • Wealth
  • Spiritual
  • Meditation
  • Motivation
  • Thoughts
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship


Be there wherever you are.

If you are in my class room and I am talking, the above Line (Be there wherever you are) means that you Listen to the teacher.

If you are at home studying, above Line (Be there wherever you are) means that you switch off the Listen to the teacher.

What you Focus on will happen!

3. Never MAKE your mum Cry.


These are words you tell yourself, often, daily.

These words start with I am or I have.

They are positive and constructive words.

After repeating many times they become part of your thinking habits.

They will make you great.

Below are some Affirmations you can use yourself.


You think Listening is with only Ear.

There is something Known as Whole Brain Listening –

Repeat what the Teacher says. You may repeat in the brain.

In the class you may use your lips to speak without making sound.

When you are reading school books/notes at home, Please read Loud to help whole Brain Listening.

Before I start the real Talk, I want you all to listen carefully. This will help you in your Education and Life. I will try my Best to talk Positive.

REPEAT what I am saying. You can use your lips as talking but without making sound. (At home when you read a book or notes you can read loud)

If you can, take notes in short hand.

This is to use Whole Brain to study.

Eyes to read.

Lips to speak.

Ears to hear.

Hand to write.

Eyes read again.

As you can see this method used many parts of the brain

This will help you retain what you are learning.

This method forces to listen. This itself will help you retain more.

6. Never DISTURB your Teacher

7. EASY, I can Do it,

It is Easy, I can Do Maths,

It is Easy, I can Do Music,

It is Easy, I can Do my subjects.

Repeat this to anything you want to do.

Repeat this to anything you want to do but feel it is difficult, hard to do.

8. Always Say something NICE


Many of you have heroes. You like to Become like one of them.

Ideally, what would you like to Become?

10. NOW

There is no yesterday. It is gone forever.

There is no tomorrow. It will come later!

There is no today. Today is 24 hours, 1440 Minutes, 86,400 Seconds.

You cannot consume the whole 86,400 seconds in one go.

You can use Second by Second Only. And Therefore that Second is called NOW!

There is only NOW.

Today is the day to start.

NOW is the time to act.

Then you do not need to fear about Tomorrow. Because you will always Have a Wonderful Life

Therefore, what you are doing NOW, Creates Your Compelling Future.


The Secret is simply the “Law of Attraction.” Law of Attraction states that whatever consumes your thoughts is what you will eventually get in life.

Taken From the Book “The Secret”

12. SEED

I want you to plant a small Seed in your backyard and give all the support it needs – like good soil, fertiliser, water, sunlight.

Watch it grows. (If it dies plant another good seed)

It Grows. You do not know how. But it grows.

Look at it every morning before you start the day.

And again when you return home.

It grows but you do not see everyday.

Every time you see as it grows your are Happy.

If you plant a seed and look after it, it will grow.

Likewise, if you start a project, it will grow when you work on it.


In soccer, you need a Goal Post to kick a Goal.

In life it is important to Figuring out what you want.

14. ACTION – 3A

Once you know the Goal, all you need AAA – 3A.

  1. Allocate Time
  2. Allocate Resources – example if you want to be a writer you need paper, pen, Table, chair
  3. Action, massive action, Goal oriented Action

15. Just do it

Last week we learnt about 3A Especially Action.

Once you know what your Goal is, start doing any time and every time

Just Do IT.

16. 3 Minute Rule.

When you are finding difficult to do anything about what you have to, but lazy to start.

Just use this secret.

I will do it only 3 minutes.

17. Be Do Have

Secret of what the best Actors do before they start.

They will be alone possibly in a room, and imagine the role they are about to act. And when they are called, they are Ready to Act (Be) the Part.


Journey of a thousand miles, start with the First Step – this is a Chinese proverb.

Beginning is half done.

There is a Beginning for everything.

Like planting the seed, you will successfully grow after you Begin.

19. HONEY.

There may be a lot of salt water in the house but no ants or flies come near it.

Just splash a drop of Honey and you will fine lot of insects competing for it.

Be a person like honey. Sweet, approachable,

You will have many friends and many will help to become successful.

Nobody would like an angry person or foul mouthed speaking bad words.


Every day you Think many things and Speak many things and Do many things.

Who is telling you to Think, Speak and Do.

It is you. You are the Leader Leading you.

Are you a Great Leader?

21 I am A Leader –>

Wherever I am –>

Whatever I take to do –>

I do it with my Full Strength 

I become A Great Leader –>

 And I Lead others to Become Leaders.

22 I am A Leader –>

I Walk like a Leader –>

I Stand like a Leader –>

I Sit like a Leader –>

Think like a Leader –>

Speak like a Leader –>

Act like a Leader –>

I become A Great Leader –>

And I Lead others to Become Leaders.

23 I am A Leader –>

I become a Person Everybody Loves to be Around –>

I reap Great Success –>

I become A Great Leader –>

And I Lead others to Become Leaders.

24 I am A Leader –>

I am Aware that What Control My Mind Control My Life –>

Therefore I take Control of my Mind –>

I take control of my Life –>

I become A Great Leader –>

And I Lead others to Become Leaders.

So I Become A Leader. –>

I Control my Thoughts –>

I Control my Actions –>

I Control my Life –>

I Control my Destiny –>

I Become a Great Leader

And I Lead others to Become Leaders.

I become the Greatest


Who are the Greatest Persons you know who lived in the last century in Sports?

Muhammad Ali (Boxing), Michael Jordan (Basket Ball), Mark Spitz (Swimming) or the Perfect 10 Nadia Comaneci (Gymnastics) Or even Roger Federer (Tennis).

There can be only a few greatest in the world.

Following their ways will help you achieve great success in all you do.

27. DRESS.

Everybody loves a wellDRESSED Boy or a Girl.

Your DRESS shows what you THINK of Yourself.

And therefore your DRESS makes opinion in others.

Your DRESS gives a grand entrance in any even or Society.


Good Habits make Life easy.

Good Habits help you to do your work faster.

G H help you achieve Great Success.


30. DETERMINATION resolute, full of determination,

purposeful,, resolved, decided, adamant, single-minded, firm, unswerving, unswervable, unwavering, undaunted, fixed, set, intent, insistent.

30. Eat

You are what Eat.

Eat healthy food to have healthy body and healthy mind.

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” –Hippocrates

31. Read

You are what you Read.

32. Friends

You are who your friends are.

33. Exercise

You are who your friends are.

34. Love

35. Joy

36. Peace

25. Golden Rule

26. Persist

27. Forgiving and Forgetting

28. Pray

29. Meditate

30. Respect

31. Serve

32. Sharing

33. Patience

34. Kindness – Random Acts Of Kindness

35. Humbleness

36. Meekness

37. Faithful

39. Write

40. Think

41. Fast

There are 2 types of Fasting. For a season – A day or week or even a month

1 Not Eating food for time to have a healthy body.

2 Not Reading, Not watching TV, not playing Games nad most importantly not using your phones. This makes your brain Go Smarter, Think Better and Faster.

42. Wait

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