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To All Principals and Teachers. It is hard for Students to read a book of instructions and to follow. Even worse they forget Long Instructions. It is easier to remember Single Word. The Principal will say the word of the week and give a brief explanation to the teachers first. In the Beginning of each ….  Read More


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AFFIRMATIONS FOR PRIMARY SCHOOL More Affirmations will Added as I think. Some of the words children hear are horrible. As the teacher we must try to counter them by Affirmations. Otherwise, their minds are scarred for lifetime. They must tell themselves. They must be encouraged to tell their classmates. They are positive and constructive words. ….  Read More

Primary Teacher Training

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In all their lifetime they will be trained to have HOPE. Memory – Interest is memory Repetition is memory Relearning is memory Reviewing is memory Understanding is memory discipline I will repeatedly explain this concept at their level of understanding that what you are doing NOW, Creates A Compelling Future. Wherever you are, whatever you ….  Read More