More Affirmations will Added as I think.

Some of the words children hear are horrible.

As the teacher we must try to counter them by Affirmations.

Otherwise, their minds are scarred for lifetime.

They must tell themselves. They must be encouraged to tell their classmates.

They are positive and constructive words.

After repeating many times, they become part of your thinking habits. 

They will make the student happy and feel great. great.

Below are some Affirmations you can use yourself.

  1. I am always Happy.
  2. I am smart.
  3. I am a good friend.
  4. I am kind.
  5. I am loving.
  6. I am grateful.
  7. I am a good listener.
  8. I am helpful.
  9. I care about others.
  10. I can share my things.
  11. I speak the truth.
  12. I can
  13. Today is a great day.
  14. I work hard.
  15. I help my mum.
  16. I love to study.
  17. I get better every day.
  18. I forgive unconditionally.
  19. I am a leader.
  20. I help my friends in their studies.
  21. I will never make my mum cry.
  22. I do not go with strangers.
  23. I say only good words.
  24. I go with good friends.
  25. I read good books every day.
  26. I eat healthy foods.
  27. I am at peace with everybody.
  28. I wake up early.
  29. I sleep early.
  30. I start studying at 6 pm.
  31. I love my siblings.
  32. I drink lot of water.
  33. I laugh a lot.

 I am happy to meet everybody except strangers

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